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1 + 1

1 + 1 is an interactive / immersive performance in which two participants are on their way to a meeting, without their knowledge. When entering the room, they are both on the other side of a canvas tunnel. The great height of this space creates an oppressive feeling at the beginning of the tunnel. As the participants follow the tunnel, this dark, oppressive part changes to a light, almost heavenly environment. Because of their presence, the lights in the room changes and in this way the participant gives feedback to let the other participant know that the/she is being noticed. This is also to let the other participant know that something or someone else is in the same space. When both participants meet in the middle, they face a plate that is initially a mirror. After a while this mirror changes into a window and the meeting takes place.


1 + 1 is the end result of a collaboration with various HKU Theater students.

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