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We have created the installation Bubbel for the children's festival 2 Turven Hoog. The aim is to give children an immersive experience in which they can discover for themselves what 'the big yellow being' can and does do. Because there is a narrative in the experience, we take the children into an exciting and surprising experience. In order to encourage the parents/guardians of the children to participate, we also have a task to perform for them. In this way the parents can use water spray to wet the creature from the outside, otherwise, the large yellow creature dries out.


'Blub blap bleb blob blap plop blub blub blob plap plob bleb blup plup blab blob blup plap blep plap blub blub blub blub blub'


BUBBEL is the end result of an interdisciplinary project in collaboration with students of Theater Design, Theater in Education and Interactive Performance Design at HKU Theater.

The interactive installation BUBBEL was shown at

2 Turven Hoog Festival 2019

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