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City Walk

About sensory overload and finding peace in the Digital Revolution.

The Ars Electronica Festival has been in existence for 40 years this year and an interdisciplinary group of students and alumni from the University of Arts Utrecht (HKU) has been working together to create a City Walk for this festival.

Experience Ars Electronica Festival in a completely different way! We invite visitors to the festival to participate in this low-key Augmented Video Tour City Walk to zoom in on specific stories and details made in the Bunker or Post City. A video tour experience about sensory overload and finding peace in a Digital Revolution.

Video 2 - An unearthly feeling in a digital revolution. Duration: 15 minutes.

Video 1 - When confronted with too many impulses, we tend to turn inwards. In this first tour, you enter an abstract reality that redirects your gaze in an effort to cope with the chaos. Duration: 10 minutes.

City Walk creators: Daphne Persoon, Kim Leunen, Cris Mollee, Daan LutgendorffMees van der Velde en Bianca Lurvink.

The low-key augmented video tour was shown at Ars Electronica AT 2019

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