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Curing FOMO

An interactive theatrical walk through the center city of Utrecht

Intro audio

"You only know what you would have missed if you were there. Or could you have missed this?"

We have developed our graduation project in collaboration with the Company New Heroes. In 2019, the New Heroes made 'The Village Oostende. An interactive theatrical exhibition of 2.5 kilometers about inequality' for the theater festival Theater aan Zee. They developed an app for this walk in order to guide the public along the route through installations, artworks and performances that deal with inequality in society. 
It was our assignment to get started with this app and to investigate what kind of walk/experience we would make for the city of Utrecht.  

Fear of Missing out, Joy of Missing out, Joy of Joyning in, Fear of Fitting in. These are all names for a feeling that we all experience or have experienced. Whether it is about a party, a meeting, an event, or the choice between multiple parties, but are afraid to miss THE event because you have made the 'wrong' choice. Afraid it will be more fun, better, cozier, crazier or more exuberant elsewhere. 
Utrecht, a city where there is always something to do. The best parties, performances by great artists, museums, boat trips, exhibitions, festivals, and so on, all year long. 

During the interactive theatrical walk Curing FOMO, we take the participant into gut feelings. Streams of thoughts that go on about what you still wanted to do or should do, with the stimuli of the city that distract you. The amount of input that makes you rise to overwhelming ecstasy. And then land with both feet on the Neude again.

''Hey, a pigeon. A roof pigeon.''

Curing FOMO creators: Eva Asscheman, Eefje Cruts. 

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