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In the final year of the MBO Theater course in Arnhem at the RijnIJssel college, students create their graduation performance under the direction of an external director. My assignment was to create an interactive/immersive performance with this group in which the students can apply their acting and theater skills that they have acquired over the past 2.5 years. Starting from their personal fascinations, we conducted various research in the field of installations, video projection, interaction, immersion and audience direction. An important and influential part was the research into other makers and works.​


After months of research and game assignments, we created the interactive and immersive performance M. As new members of M, the audience is warmly called Melkom on the new members day. An afternoon packed with activities such as a milk tasting, getting to know your brothers and celebrating and performing rituals. Strange ritual, because what really takes place there? Is it better if backrooms remain backrooms and closed doors are closed?


Actors: Alex, Bettina, Boaz, Caden, Eline, Sofia, Simon, Kirsten, Roos.

Director: Bianca Lurvink

Concept and text: Actors and Bianca Lurvink

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